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It seems to use Turbo boost on the CPU more as well.

2. Chrome Works in Its Own Way

When I switched to Safari it sticks to the integrated chip and the CPU temperature seldom goes above 45 deg C and the fans are much quieter. I still prefer Chrome as a browser and its quicker but Safari is fine and worth the extra battery life.

Guiding Tech

I use multiple OS variants and it is no longer the case that one browser will bring cross platform harmony. For years I have used Firefox, but on my Macs it has gotten memory intensive to the point of crashing. Google, who seems to be in a 'I wont port to you war' with everyone, doesnt support keychain access on a Mac. That rules them out on that platform. Safari is good only on a Mac.

So it looks like the Mac will be a one off and there is no real choice but to use Safari. Apple better beware because it is looking more like Microsoft every day!

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As of , I'm using Opera. It uses all the goods of Chrome, but without significantly slowing down my Mac. I don't know what is behind, but you can use most of Chrome extensions if you install an Opera app that enables Chrome extensions. One downside is that it cannot run Chrome apps. Apps and extensions are different beasts I use all four browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera , depending on its stability and so on.

Firefox macOS test build is far better for your battery life

But Opera is my main browser for now. Chrome still integrates in the other UNIX based OS - Linux - far better than ANY Apple products - at least Google supports all operating systems whereas Apple's products are more of the 'you will have to buy into my ecosystem or else'. As a web developer, I also appreciate browsers that are supported cross platforms to be able to support all users of our web applications. Both IE and safari are limited here, the only options are Firefox and Chrome.

Everything I read on this blames Chrome and the solution is to dump chrome which for safari of which is not privacy friendly, not that chrome is. I know the problem has been introduced with the OS and Apple needs to fix what even it broke and I am very annoyed currently and have absolutely no desire to move everything from chrome to safari because Apple f'd up and because I do not like safari.

For me there is no way around Chroma anyways because of syncing and because I'm using Google for basically everything. Like, I can't think of any situation where I'm on the computer doing anything different than Gaming on my Windows machine, where I'm not using one or more Google products. And I'm doing web development and it's just sad to see Safari being called better here when developers hate it for lack of support of newer features.

Google Chrome

Haven't used Safari for anything but downloading Chrome though, so I can't tell whether it really performs differently. I have a brand new macbook latest model with force touch and battery status says safari is consuming too much battery even with only one tab opened. Chrome is also on with 6 tabs On my old macbook I could not run chrome at all because it crashed and everything was so slow I hated it.

I don't think chrome is the issue but its extensions I suggest you run from them. People confuse this battery tab all the time. You can't say Safari is using too much battery just because it's the only thing listed in the battery usage window. If you have one tab open on Safari of course it's going to be listed there that's what it's supposed to do. That means your computer is working properly. The way to find out if Safari is using you battery is click on Safari in the battery tab and it should take you to Activity Monitor.

Or you can just open Activity Monitor and click the Energy tab. This is where it will tell you how much battery you are using and what is using up the battery. If it's a low number don't worry about it. I found out having Chrome running on my MBP is interfering with battery charging. It is switching charging cycle from charging orange to charged green back and forward and percentage of battery is decreasing. After I close chrome everything goes back to normal. So I deleted Chrome of mycomp and I'm not missing it so far.

The reason is because I have a gmail account and bookmarks tied with Chrome. So, I don't have to tweak much just add the account in the MacBook Air and I get the best of both worlds. Also, I like to use two windows running at the same time. I run Chrome side by side with Safari. I know this is too much for the MacBook Air and that the MacBook Air should only be used for research, writing papers, college, and business.

Which I do happen to do. I like the MacBook for writing my short stories and novels because its light weight, but sometimes I like to have fun with it. So, I sometimes push the envelope. Just my two cents. Thanks for your time in reading my comment. What are your thoughts? It sounds like you are using Chrome and knowing that it's causing damage to your computer you are still using? Heating up your computer can cause wear and tear on your battery.

If Chrome is causing your fans to run constantly and you are only using it for steaming video and then you do work in Safari then just switch to Safari. It is not that much to do to sync bookmarks from browser to browser. My advice quit being lazy, switch to Safari and save your computer. I notoce too many times someone complaining about battery life too soon in their Macbook Air's lifecycle and the main browser they are using is Chrome. Chrome does the same thing in Windows.

The only person that I know that still uses it, is my 13 yr old nephew. Everyone else is on either Firefox or Safari. I agree with You. No problem with Chrome on my side - I prefer Waterfox, but Chrome is sometimes better.

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For me there is so big tensions between Apple and Google, that there is big chance that OS is doing something to keep people away of the Google products. I go between the two, but mostly use Chrome. Because it's faster, especially with Google products such as Maps and street view. Plus some of the extensions are really nice, such as Keep and save to Inbox. Opening Youtube in Chrome is another worst battery drainer. No wonder if you loose the entire juice within an hour. I agree with pretty much all of what you're saying, but I find the lack of extension support in safari completely unacceptable in this day and age.

I make heavy use of lastpass, ublock origin, tab suspender so I don't have to give up my few hundred tabs, but they don't need to be resident in ram either , and sidewise so i can track all of my open tabs among quite a few others. Firefox could be a reasonable alternative, it has most of the plugins, however, it's support for multithreading, interprocess sandboxing, and overall speed at loading web pages is rather lacking when I last looked into the matter about 6 months ago.

Web Browsers that are Easy on Battery Life of Mac

You do realize ublock is available for Safari and Mac has a free version of LastPass that is actually free and better called Keychain Access. I switched from LastPass to Safari and it's way better. No need to pay for something that apple is giving away for free and that will sync across all your devices instantly.

Lastpass was horrible on my iPhone. I always had to copy and paste my usernames and passwords. With iCloud ot works great on the iPhone in Safari and even autofills login fileds. I don't feel you have a leg to stand on when you complain about the lack of extensions in Safari when you only mentioned 3.

Of those three Safari has solutions for all of those.

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