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Imagine playing a Zelda game where you only have a minute to live.

That, in a nutshell, is the concept behind Minit. Having contributed to the making of sprawling time sinks like Horizon Zero Dawn , this time around, the duo wanted to make something that felt more immediate. In Minit , you spawn as our cute little titular hero and are free to explore the world around you… except you only have a minute to do so. With the clock ticking on each playthrough, you have to plan each move with military precision as you attempt to track down a crucial item.

This game is not only a blast to play, but has huge streaming potential. Using an incredibly powerful fishing rod, you can move around the world, trigger switches and take on fishy enemies that are now walking the land in service of the evil Skyfish himself. Basically, all the puzzles and attacks revolve around the hooking mechanic, but the myriad ways to use it makes sure it always lets you be as creative as possible.

Sign In Don't have an account? Sign In Register. It is one of those rare treats in an artistic medium for which the universal praise and superlatives are entirely true no matter what angle you look at it from.

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Very few would argue against Ocarina of Time's greatness, or its lasting impact on the industry as a whole, and the fact remains that even after all these years since its release, it still reigns supreme as the world record holder for highest One of the best Zelda games i have played hence the Nintendo select. I like the alteration of the link in the past game this game takes on the story.

Only 14 left in stock - order soon. My husband loves this! Beautiful artwork, played like the original Clue game, but with Zelda characters, locations, and weapons.

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Many themed games are gimmicky, but this is truly Clue. If you are a fan of both Zelda and Clue, you will like this. Epic Adventure From Start to Finish. Atlanta, GA, United States. I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I cannot even remember the last time I committed to playing a video game from start to finish. I enjoyed everything about it and it solidified a genuine true love for the Zelda franchise.

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I don't use my 3DS all that often but I've been addicted to this game since the day Amazon dropped it off on my front step. The game in itself is it's own adventure but retains so much of A Link to the Past DNA that the nostalgia factor alone made the game worth its weight in gold Majora's Mask is a fantastic classic N64 game that has been remastered to perfection!

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While some may think Ocarina of Time is better than Majora's Mask, it really doesn't matter because both games are fantastic! Get and enjoy both! Highly recommended, a masterpiece! Well done again, Nintendo!

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I wrote a separate review about the game but wanted to write about the Master Edition. This is a great collectors edition and you get a lot for the price. The sword alone is great to have on my desk! Not often do Zelda games come out and I recommend getting this if you have the chance to. This is a great game that has deserved all the praise it's getting 98 on Metacritic while writing this review.

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I never want this game to end and I don't see myself getting rid of any items of this collectors edition any time soon!! The Legend of Zelda. Thanks for the amazing game I'm a huge fan of Zelda I'm shure many people are to but this game brings back memories of my child hood so thanks. Since receiving it" - by Joe Mac. Great game. Since receiving it, I've put over hours into it so far, and I still have plenty more to do, and much more of the world to still explore.

The included Explorer's Book gives a lot of pointers for plenty of things that the game doesn't directly tell you about.

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Can be quite useful for anyone playing the game, new or experienced. The map was alright, but after opening the box, I never bothered with it again. I must say, this game has held up quite well. I wish that there were one or two more dungeons, but the sailing exploration aspect of this game is second to none, especially with the newly added fast sail.

Review: Aquaria is the Mac’s underwater Zelda

This game took me about 32 hours to complete and I enjoyed every minute of it. Currently unavailable. Looks awesome, fits perfectly, and sticks very well. Mine have been on for months without any wear. Worth every single penny.

zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac
zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac
zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac
zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac
zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac
zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac
zelda type games for mac Zelda type games for mac

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