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My Eudora has been set this way for ages but I can only connect through a Shaw connection, not Telus.

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December 9th, at am dwhs says :. March 25th, at am Catherine says :. Hello, Tried everything and nothing worked. Love the trumpet.

Account Suspended

July 3rd, at am Jeff says :. Some good advice here, thanks for posting it — I was able to get my Thunderbird working with Gmail as the SMTP server for outgoing mail, but of course anyone receiving emails sent this way were seeing them coming from my gmail account rather than my shawmail address. Tried the "loapowertools" Catherine linked to above me, and that works like a charm for me and people receiving my emails see them as having come from my shaw address directly — good stuff! August 7th, at am Henry says :.

Email Service Details (Home Users NOT business accounts)

I am retired and now do a lot of traveling throughout Canada and the USA. This year we might even go to the UK for a visit. I found that sending emails on my account would not work once I travelled outside of my area, so started investigating and looking for a solution. I found LOA PowerTools while doing a search and decided to try it, although it did not mention that it would work on windows 7, which I am using.

So far I like what it does for me. December 31st, at pm Amos says :. Not only that, when I had a configuration problem, they came back to me on client service almost immediately, and with good solutions. Sorry if I am missing something, I am not exactly ultra-literate or knowledgeable when it comes to software; I just want it to be easy to use and bulletproof Posted February 22nd, , pm If you have the same problems when you use an e-mail program such as Eudora or Mail, then we can be reasonably confident that either Shaw or the ISP where the e-mail message originated is doing something wrong, and it's not likely that any blame can be laid upon Firefox or Camino, nor that any other web browser would do any better.

On the other hand, if you are successful downloading attached images using an e-mail program, that doesn't exonerate Shaw since it could be that Shaw provides healthy attachments through regular e-mail and corrupt ones through web mail.

Web mail can be flaky, and less secure, than ordinary e-mail. I try to avoid using it. My daughter uses Shaw at home and she is unable to access their POP server unless she's using Shaw as ISP; trying to do so from our house Telus doesn't work, so she is forced to use web mail to read her e-mail when away from home. This is, to my thinking, a good reason for not being a Shaw customer. Posted February 22nd, , pm I logged in to Shaw using both Safari and Firefox and successfully downloaded the image attachments, if that makes any difference. I also went through the Camino prefs with a fine tooth comb, but to no avail.

Posted February 22nd, , pm But you said in your first post "I switched to Camino from Firefox due to issues with downloading and attaching images with Shaw ebmail [webmail, I assume? Set aside, in a safe place such as the Desktop, the Camino folder that you will find inside the Application Support folder inside the Library folder inside your Home folder, after you've Trashed your old Camino application and before you install and use the newly downloaded copy.

Access your telusnet email account through Apple Mail

Can you send emails from a Gmail, Yahoo! Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

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  7. User profile for user: applegenius18 applegenius Apr 15, PM in response to jacsar In response to jacsar so you know how to compose on the ipod correct? User profile for user: Totem Totem. Also: make sure that you are using your shawmail user address and password.


    Server port is Good luck. I just tried and it seems that I can't send using gmail either. I changed my outgoing to the shawmail. I have it on port They both eventually time out telling me that they cannot connect to the outgoing server. Apr 15, PM in response to jacsar In response to jacsar i think you have to much traffic on your network.

    Apr 15, PM in response to jacsar In response to jacsar I replied back saying that I couldn't send with gmail, but it turns out I can.

    Set up TELUS email on your computer using Apple Mail

    So gmail works but not shawmail. Does this make things clearer? Apr 15, PM in response to jacsar In response to jacsar may be shawmail is not compatible with the ipod.

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