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One of the most notable features of Delicious Library's initial release was the use of Apple iSight camera as an inexpensive barcode scanner, so users could scan and inventory their products. As a followup to that feature, the company will be releasing an iOS app that offers this behavior using the iPhone's camera, allowing quick mobile cataloging.

According to Delicious Monster CEO Wil Shipley, Delicious Library 3's major shift is from being just a "know what you own" app to a recommendation engine based on the products you own: We're centered on the idea of your books movies, cds, whatever being an aspect of your unique personality, and our app does neat things with your personal data—like give you cool graphic summaries, or really good composite recommendations. Aside from the new recommendation engine, Delicious Library 3 will offer a 3D cover-view interface, interactive charts mode , flexible smart shelves, and more.

It should be available in the Mac and iOS app stores soon. Top Rated Comments View all.

Cloud Cataloging is Here

Looks like a shameless rip-off of the iBooks interface. It's actually quite funny to see it come full circle with people accusing them of ripping off Apple.

Organize Your Library

Sky Blue. Don't really have much use for this nowadays.

Mac Photo Projects - Books, Calendars, and Cards

Except that it's the other way around, they've had the shelf interface for years. Hopefully, they've gotten the issues with Amazon dealt with so that they can have a companion iOS app to go with it again. Without an app, it's old news. I don't want to have to bring all my books, etc. But I will gladly drop all the terrible cataloging iOS apps I've got now, for an all-in-one that works as well as Delicious Library always did on the desktop.


Looks like a post from someone who should do some research ;. I remember when Delicious Library was wildly popular. But with Apple TV and PCs serving as media servers these days, I wonder how many people still use something like this.

And what is the primary purpose of cataloging one's collection? Insurance purposes? Version Downloads License Shareware.


Date 16 May To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Log in. Sign up. See more reviews for Librarian Pro. Bug Fixes: Fixed web links not showing in main list. Can no longer bring up the Hide Collection window for Borrowing categories by hitting the Delete key. Fixed item images scaling to wrong size in Edit window.

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Fixed due dates not sorting properly. No longer tries to execute AppleScript on Windows for retrieving iTunes library artwork not possible on Windows. New Features: Can now turn off post-processing web cam input. To , please Login. With the ability to search your library in great detail, you can quickly find the right music. Composer Catalog will allow you to keep track of all writers, publishers and session musicians used on every track in the catalog. All contact information can be saved for instant access. You can import library tracks from an Excel spreadsheet, a comma separated text file, or just point the program to a directory that houses audio files.

Composer Catalog allows you to tag advanced metadata to your track. With Composer Catalog, you can select any field and put it in any order for your csv export. You also have the option to save the export structure to a template for use in the future. With track profiles, you can create a profile that will auto populate most of the fields when you add a new track.

So when you create a new track and bring up the form, the fields that you have filled in for your track profile will populate the form.

If you know that you will reuse this profile down the road, you have the ability to save it. Composer Catalog allows you to search on ANY metadata that you enter for the track.

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The more detail you fill in, the more detailed searches you will be able to perform. All search results can be exported to PDF or Excel spreadsheet. If you are looking for more visually appealing data a. You can also set up reminders for certain occasions. Say your track is coming upon the reversion date for a publisher. You can set up a reminder that will notify you that the reversion date is coming up.

Maybe you want to remind yourself that the big television show project you have been working on is due in a month.

card catalog software for mac Card catalog software for mac
card catalog software for mac Card catalog software for mac
card catalog software for mac Card catalog software for mac
card catalog software for mac Card catalog software for mac
card catalog software for mac Card catalog software for mac
card catalog software for mac Card catalog software for mac

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