Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation 25ml (Various Shades)

My tube exploded while I was travelling a few weeks ago. Thank god I had it in a plastic bag. I reckon I left it open the slightest bit and then with pressure etc, it just exploded everywhere.

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The amount of product you get is also less than normal. Normally you get 30ml of product, but the Mac Pro long wear nourishing is only 25ml. Mac say this is because you need to use a lot less than with the original,but the amount you use is marginally less than normal. This is a little bit of a downside for me. Texture: This is a very creamy foundation, that is slightly thicker than your average foundation. Due to the consistency of this foundation, you need to work fast with it, as it sets very quickly.

If you over apply this, it can feel a little heavy and cakey. There are days when I use this and it honestly gives my skin the most beautiful flawless finish. I mean when this is on point, there really is nothing like it. However, there are days when I wear this and it settles in every single line on my face making me look like Peig Sayers!!

The finish you get from this foundation all depends on your skin type and how you apply it. Pro Long Wear nourishing is said to suit most skin types. However, in my opinion this is best suited if you have normal skin. As my thyroid acts up, my skin can go from normal to oily to dry in the space of a few weeks. Keep in mind that this is how it worked on my skin. How much coverage you get all depends on application.

I apply this using a Nima brush kabuki brush. I find the best way to get good coverage without it looking heavy, is to apply a small thin layer and wait a minute to watch it set. Most of them time this is enough product to get decent coverage, but if you find that you need more, go in with another thin layer again.

MAC - Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation |

Going in with too much product, will make the finish look very heavy and it will set in fine lines and even the lines from your nose to your mouth. Again last power will all depend on your skin type and application. I find to make it last, you really need to buff it into your skin. You can buy it here. Overall, while there are downsides to this foundation, I do really like it. In fact this was the foundation that I wore on my wedding day!

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My advice is to get a sample before buying. BareMinerals is a brand I really fell for in the last year. How wrong I was! Mineral makeup, or at least what I have tried , is just as good if not better in some cases, than regular makeup. Having tried the Original BareMinerals powder foundation and liking how it wore, I got a sample of the Bare pro liquid foundation and went on to buy a bottle for myself.

I have worn it for about 5 months now, so thought it was…. I am a recent convert to the world of cushion foundations, but to say I am a fan would be an understatement. Yes there are down sides to these new methods of dispensing foundation, with the amount of product you receive being the biggest issue, however, the finish they give the skin, is enough to make any beauty lovers heart skip a beat. Over then past few weeks, when I wear the YSL cushion foundation on snapchat thebeauttruth I got a good few messages from readers asking what is on my skin, as it looks flawless!

So I thought it was about time I sat down a wrote a review…. Finding a good foundation is hard work, and finding a good budget foundation is even harder, but rest assured, I have a feeling that this might just be the foundation for a lot of you.

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Sadly there are only 6 shades available in Ireland. I actually avoided buying it. I think the fact that the word matte was in the name turned me off, as I was afraid it was going to be very drying on my skin. I keep hearing good things about it. I have never tried a liquid foundation by Mac shame on me. This one seems nice though : Might have to check this out.

Hey haven't tried this one yet But now I really need to. Great post!! But Im gonna trythis one out!

Every single MAC foundation tested on half a face

Thank You! Amazing reviews and comparison girl. I want the Pro Longwear now! Amazing review!!! I've been thinking of getting a new MAC foundation for a while and this was definitely helpful!


What an awesome review! I am torn between those two and now I know what to go for. Btw,How is the mix of both going? I was confused beteen the two. I am bookmarking this page. Have you tried mixing these yet? Dear Rach, I personally love to mix the two foundations together, the combo works great and makes my face look almost flawless! You could probably get Fix in the NC shade and prolongwear in the NW shade and try mixing them together in proportions that will match your skin tone more closely :.

Great review!

I am an MUA and have found studio fix doesnt work well with flash photography, especially the NC shades. It also doesnt sit well on dry skin- it can look drier and go flaky. I have just bought the Pro Longwear and find it is kinder to dry skins, thats what the MAC counter told me anyways. It's gel-based, hence the more dewy finish. Great product information, the studio fix fluid has great coverage and blends with skin and long lasting.

mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20
mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20
mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20
mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20
mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20
mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20
mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20 Mac pro longwear spf 10 foundation nw20

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