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As PCs go, this is still a pretty fast machine, and gives little away to , say an i5 or i7. If you put in an SSD and gamers video card it would fly, but i dont need that Dec 23, PM. Dec 24, AM in response to macguru In response to macguru Thanks for the info macguru, thats helpful. Oh and if I would need these drivers , where would I acquire them Dec 24, AM. Cheers for that info, Thats great. Like you I'm looking to get a new or rather refurbished Mac shortly and it's good to know I can keep the MP running windows.

Yes, they are great machines.

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My may end up as a server running The customer I have in mind has a G5 tower I sold them and its still going great however One thing with the mac pro, just remember if the riser cards fail they are extremely cheap and easy to replace via ebay. The workshop told me it was a pretty common problem with the model, which is after all 7 years old. For now it is going to be a windows 8. Dec 24, PM. I have Windows 10 32bit running on my Mac Pro 1. Same basic specs as yours. I originally installed Windows 7 Business. My only issue is my original Superdrive is failing to read most CDs and DVDs, but once it did Windows 7 32bit installed and not long after that I got the Windows 10 invite.

Didn't think it would install, but it did. It is still only 32bits and the only other issue is the Mac Pro will lock up completely if I view YouTube videos. Otherwise fast and nimble. Would love to go 64bit for both OS X and Windows on this trusty machine of mine I've owned since late Dec 4, PM. More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

Ask a question. User profile for user: Denisimo Denisimo. Audio Speciality level out of ten: 0. My Spec is as follows: Mac Pro 2 x 2. Question: Will it work installed using Lion's Boot Camp on a freshly formated hard drive? Can anyone advise me please. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

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Question marked as Solved User profile for user: macguru macguru Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Answer: A: Answer: A: Well bootcamp is not needed to create a partition, but it also contains a driver package. View answer in context. Note: for Mac Pro 5,1 users, this can interfere with later firmware updates.

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MacProUpgrade group members, for instance, report that Updating to Gatekeeper no longer has a "allow apps downloaded from anywhere," but it is still possible to re-enable this setting using the terminal. The Mac Pro s can run Also, wifi will be unsupported with the old chipset, but the Airport can be upgraded. The Xeons are built on the same architecture as its desktop-grade siblings. This comes at a trade-off as the Xeon line has much higher price points, doesn't have built-in support for overclocking and generally lower-clock speeds.

Each of these terms refers to the family of instruction set architecture that a CPU can execute the compiled binary code it can run. Overtime, CPUs have gained specialized single instruction, multiple data SIMD instruction sets that are beneficial for certain types of tasks. Today, these sorts of CPU changes aren't as frequent or as clearly advertised, but they still exist and affect performance.

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Both SSE 4. For now this is hyper limited, but it is important to note that these machines are getting to be old. There are plenty of quality high level overviews on CPUs their design than this guide. See the GPU Upgrades section for more details. I sourced the information from MacRumors , so all credit goes to the community there and forum member ActionableMango for compiling this list, this is truncated to the most important bits of information.

Also, 4. Also, go to the original thread to read up on 4. The process of delidding can be performed manually or bought pre-delidded. Most users elect to delid the CPUs themselves based on forums. Recently there's been interest in a few Mac Pro communities, but it's already been confirmed by a bold Mac Rumors poster. There's some misinformation on a few other sites like pindelski. CPUs are mostly plug-and-play upgrades but require applying thermal paste thermal grease to the CPU for proper heat transfer from the CPU to the heatsinks.

In case of the Mac Pro 1. See Firmware Upgrades for more details on Firmware upgrades. Lastly, the Mac Pro 4. Delidding is the process of removing the integrated heat spreader silver cover on a CPU, that serves as a heat spreader and replacing it with a different thermal material. Apple has updated Safari to prevent drive-by Javascript attacks. Using general safe browsing habits, makes it not very likely that this exploit will affect users despite very sensational headlines like Wired's Meltdown Redux: Intel flaw lets hackers siphon secrets from millions of PCs.

Various virtulization fun, including games & productivity!

The only way to ensure total safety is to disable Hyper-Threading a significant performance hit , and Apple issued the article How to enable full mitigation for Microarchitectural Data Sampling MDS vulnerabilities. CPU benchmarks are useful but always a relativistic endeavor.

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Rather than get into a discussion about the pros and cons of types of benchmarks, the most popular theoretical benchmarking software, GeekBench 5 , was released recently. Geekbench's scoring system always has been tied to other CPUs as its anchor for scoring.

Mac Windows Install Tutorial: 32 Bit EFI x64 Windows Install Media - Mac Pro 1,1/2,1 Series ep.11

Users will notice dramatically smaller benchmark numbers in the latest Geekbench as the new reference point is the Intel Core i3 , which earns a score of This doesn't mean the Mac Pro is performing worse, but rather the baseline has risen. GPUs are probably the most annoying of the upgrades due to the required research , yet one of the most commonly performed and easy to do.

This could change but has not yet. Today this seems to be common knowledge. GPUs are routinely one of the most common upgrades to Mac Pros. There are roughly three classes of GPUs. If this ever is sorted, we might have an aftermarket EFI bootscreen card. OS upgrades can stop aftermarket NVidia cards from displaying video until the proper drivers are installed. The most commonly flashable video cards are ones that have a Mac equivalent that was either sold by Apple as OEM or aftermarket. A user can then download utilities to flash the ROM onto the card. A few cards require physical modification.

Below are software-only flashable cards. I used for years an ATI Radeon These are GPUs that will work in a Mac, but do not have the appropriate firmware to display the pre-boot screens on a Mac, video output that happens before Mac OS has loaded. This means there are no drivers to install. Apple includes support for older NVidia chipsets as these shipped once-upon-a-time in various Mac configurations. With the NVidia video cards, even security updates will require a web driver update, meaning if you update, the next boot will not output video until the driver has been updated.

All the GTX series are supported by web drivers but are limited to So far, Installing Any non-metal GPUs must be removed in order to install Mojave. This is an on-going project. Please let me know of any incorrect or missing GPUs, you can reach me by going to my contact page. This strikes me as predatory: OWC is actively abusing its market position as a trusted Mac upgrade vendor.

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The larger fan tends to block the adjacent PCI slot, making it hard to recommend for its minimal performance gains. Recently in Mojave, updates have enabled hardware acceleration for video codecs on the RX You can read about it here and find full instructions to Activate AMD hardware acceleration. Thanks for Martin L. MacRumors forum-goers report that following Radeons are supported in Many of the cards can be flashed to different bios.

The Vega 56 can be flashed to use the Vega 64 firmware to increase the performance. It isn't quite as fast as running a Vega 64, but it is close.

windows 7 64 mac pro 1.1 Windows 7 64 mac pro 1.1
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