Mac keyboard is not working properly

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You may can't help eating snacks or drinking coke when playing with Mac, and are unaware that debris or coke drops are falling into the keyboard. Together with dirt, they formed a grubby and sticky keyboard as time goes, which will make some keys sticky and lose their function. To clean the keyboard, you can refer to the following steps:. STEP 4 : Brush the edge of each key with a cotton swab dipped with some rubbing alcohol.

Certain keys on Mac keyboard wont work

In case of your keyboard being damaged again, you are advised to keep drinks and snacks away from the keyboard, and cover it with a protective cover. You can go to Apple Store to have it fixed, but it won't be a good way as the case may be easily damaged. A better way is to use a wired or wireless keyboard with your MacBook instead. Keyboard settings on a Mac may vary from regions and language , and the keyboard may perform out of your expect for improper settings.

For example, if you use a French keyboard to type English, you will surprisingly get azerty but not qwerty on the top left; more surprisingly, a UK keyboard is different from a US one, though both of them type English. Check if you choose a right keyboard:. Suppose all keys work fine except for number keys, you may accidentally turn on Mouse Keys, a function to allow number keys to control cursor.

To turn off Mouse Keys and have number keys work again, you can:. If the Number Keys still don't work after turning off Mouse Keys, you'd better check other keys' performance and think carefully whether the keys get damaged before.

Many users get used to switch uppercase and lowercase letters by pressing Caps Lock, but they complain that Caps Lock doesn't work after system is updated to Mac OS The reason is that Apple modified Caps Lock in particular, to prevent users from pressing it by mistake and then enter a long list of capital letters.

However, currently Mac OS A few days ago keyboard input stopped working. I rebooted the server and my laptop multiple times, installed a new client, rebuilt the server and still nothing worked. Finally today, I searched online to see if this was something others were experiencing, and found out I wasn't alone. From my research it looks like it's a problem in Os X. For me, the fix for this was quick and easy.

Really, you should install any updates that are pending.

MacBook Pro Keyboard not working properly - Apple Community

If you come across something, click on the Update button and follow the onscreen instructions. You can fix lots of complaints by simply tweaking a couple of options. If your trackpad seems fully functional with the exception of its ability to double-click, it is possible that the time delay for your system to recognize the gesture is set too low. To access the double-click settings, click on the Apple icon in the top-left corner of your screen.

When you can’t type a certain character on your Mac, here’s how to troubleshoot it

Turn it down from its current position; somewhere around the middle is adequate for most users, but feel free to go as low as necessary. As before, a setting somewhere around the middle should be suitable for most users. The way to test this is to check for a physical mouse connected to your system, either via USB or Bluetooth.

If you do, try disconnecting it. Does your trackpad now work? In that case, your system has been set up to ignore trackpad input when it detects a mouse. They can originate either from the Mac itself, or from user error. If your pointer is jumping around the screen, there could be a range of non-serious causes—many of them down to simple human error. First, check your battery level. Next make sure that jewelry such as wedding rings and bracelets are not catching the pad as you work; they could cause the pad to read multiple signals at once and get confused.

Sometimes your trackpad works correctly; sometimes it acts up.

How to fix a broken Mac keyboard

Troubleshooting Laptop Power Problems You're almost certainly going to have to troubleshoot your MacBook power supply at some point. Here's how to do it. Read More. Swelling and exploding MacBook batteries have been an issue for years. Your first move should be contacting Apple support, if your device is still under warranty or covered by AppleCare. If not, and you think you have the swollen battery issue, try taking the battery out and running your machine from main power you can also pay someone to do this for you.

You will almost certainly see a significant improvement. Deleting them will force your Mac to recreate new ones. We'll show you how to set up Time Machine, make backups, and more. Reboot your Mac, and see if this cured the problem. As a last resort, you can erase and restore your Mac to factory settings.

If none of the above worked, you probably need to take your machine in for repair. There are lots of repair options available, but the exact route you should take depends on whether or not you have AppleCare. Even if you do need a repair, there are still some workarounds that you can take in the meantime.

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The most obvious temporary solution is to disable your trackpad altogether and use a standard mouse. The process is simply the reverse of the previously mentioned troubleshooting tip.

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Here Are Your Options "Tech support" — two words that strike fear into the hearts of all but the most competent computer users out there. Where do you begin to look when things start to go wrong? Read More in great detail before. Why not try troubleshooting your own Mac first next time?

The problem with getting it resolved

There are lots of tutorials on YouTube, but this is one of the best:. Doing so will void your warranty. If your machine is still under warranty, you should let Apple do the work. Did you find any of these simple solutions helped solve your problems, or was it something more serious?

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  4. For example, if you have a problem with your MacBook keyboard , we can help you fix that as well as assist you with restoring items that have disappeared from your Mac Something Disappeared From Your Mac? Here's how to restore hidden elements in macOS. Your email address will not be published. Helpful content My mouse is literally not working whatsoever, thus how am I supposed to click through the settings.. My curser keeps jumping around to random places and keep clicking random things when it's not supposed to.

    mac keyboard is not working properly Mac keyboard is not working properly
    mac keyboard is not working properly Mac keyboard is not working properly
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