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A tool for altering audio tracks

AV Audio Editor is almost like a hybrid between ocenaudio and Wavosaur, if you will. WavePad is a professional-grade audio editor that feels like a suped-up version of Audacity. And all of this power is made easy to use with a straightforward albeit messy interface. Mobile versions are available, but we recommend sticking with the desktop one whenever possible. Adobe Audition is a precision editing app, providing a bunch of neat features and tools for cleaning up audio, restoring poor quality, implementing effects, and mixing multiple sources together. But is it worth the monthly recurring cost?

Maybe… only you can decide that. Ardour is a solid bet. It can record from multiple microphones and audio sources, it can edit waveforms in a broad number of ways, it can splice and mix multiple waveforms together, and can be expanded using the hundreds of plugins available to users. Perfect for composers, musicians, and sound engineers, but may be too complex for simple podcasts and quick audio fixes. Note that Ardour has an unusual pricing structure. The free version periodically goes silent after 10 minutes, which is enough time to let you try the app but also enough of a nuisance to get you to buy the product.

Windows users certainly have it easier than Mac and Linux users, but the good news is that options do exist for all platforms. Read More. Here are five ways to hook up an external microphone in just a few minutes. Read More and these tips for recording better audio. Your email address will not be published. I use CakeWalk Platinum, but since I bought it and this article was released, Cakewalk pro has gone free. It's great for simple edits, reverb, echo, chorus etc. I use Reaper for more complex stuff. Wavelab currently using 9. I would never use any other audio editor for precision audio editing or mastering!

Two problems really. Very often freezes near the end of a job. I have to crash the programme then restart and recover, it works but is a nuisance. Often have to convert the output with Soundkonverter to get it to play. Have used Audacity for almost 10 years to record our sermons and post them on our church website. Last summer we upgraded our computers with a new dell system and windows We are looking for a new program to record the sermons so that we can return to posting them on the website. I write a lot on my iPhone just using the voice recorder, and then fly those into Audacity to clean them up.

Or run them in reverse and take snippets to drop back into GarageBand on my iOS phone. I've been intrigued by some of these browser-based offerings such as Soundation. And I've downloaded Twisted Wave for the day free trial and appreciate how simple the command menu is; large, easy-to-read icons instead of endless pull-down tabs.

Also getting in to Ocenaudio, also a download that allows one to drag and drop files right into the program. We waiting for an Android Tablet version hopefully comming soon!?!? DC3 was a great, perhaps the best commercials airplane ever I think people understand what I mean to say about Audacity Tried'em almost all. Otherwise it would record only half of the sound!! I've been using Audacity and am now seeking an alternative since Audacity seems to be the route of a bug that has now caused me to loose a total of 4 days work AND a ton of stress.

So I'm off to finding a new editing software that can handle large audio file editing without messing with the OS. My only concern was the big old book I had to read I'm not a tech junkie so the easier the better. I have a long program I'm rerecording on Audacity to be made into an MP3 salable download.

Do any of the other editors have that feature that let you 'scrub' in real time as the mouse moves? Like in audacity you can right click on a certain part of the top bar and then if you let go of the mouse button and just drag around on the wavform it has some algorithm to play the part you're dragging over where the tempo is set by how fast you're dragging the mouse pointer or plays at normal tempo if you're dragging at a rate that would be faster than that.

It also plays backwards if you drag backwards. Probably not the most used or necessary feature in a wav editor, but I use Audacity for other purposes and have gotten some good use out of that feature. I'm ready to try something new just to see what's out there, but bonus if it has that feature! Just had my day wasted using Audacity to record a track then found the morons who wrote it have caused a new audio track to be generated every time someone presses record. Every musician will NOT a new track popping up without sending sound levels.

AVS Video Editor for Mac (High Sierra Included)

Every musician will want to select tracks before and then set levels then and only then will they record into that track. Because of this not very cleverly thought through feature this sw is useless!! Not afterwards Whoever wrote it does not know anything about Music Production.

There is some control of levels via PAUSing track but not enough. Sound mixer desk only available afterwards. No use for me. Day wasted. Hi Fred! And Voila! Audacity and the damn lag has driven me to seek out alternatives ty I will try out each and hopefully continue writing and playing with what little hair I haven't ripped out in frustration..

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I followed your advice and downloaded Audacity, and went out and bought a microphone. Then I learned that audacity does not run on Windows It says so on the website. I then hooked up my old Windows 7 computer and it would not see the USB microphone. Audacity runs spectacularly on my Windows 10 and Dell PC installation. Saves files for Dragon NaturallySpeaking On my Mac I've long used and recommended Sound Studio. Versatile and user-friendly, excellent support.

Comparison of video editing software - Wikipedia

I have tried Audacity, had no complaints, just no motivation to abandon SS. I have used AV Audio Editor and can confirm that it is free but still can do some complicated editing.

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I download it to merge some files and add some effects, it has some use-able effects there they are quiet good as for my standard. AV Audio Editor is actually more amazing than I thought. It's the first software I tried in this list. I am not a pro editor but this tool can solve my need for some advanced editing to me at least.

This software provides some pro editing tools even though being a free. Anyway, if you look for a simple tool and some pro audio effects with a free price then this may suite your need. At present i am using Audocity, I am in search of a software, which can remove vocals from the Audio, completely or atleast to the very minimum level to creat karaoke track.

I want to change to such software if available. Um, no.

Final Words

You start by stating that Audacity is a useful and popular free open source audio editor, and then go on to compare it with non-free, commercial, closed source software, most of which are DAWs digital audio workstations and NOT audio editors. The reason I need to switch from Audacity is that it does not support virtual audio streaming. I hope one of these does! Why would they be considered alternatives? If you need something to do what Audacity does, just use Audacity. If you want something more than audacity, than options offering something less simply aren't for you.

That doesn't mean they aren't alternatives. An alternative by definition is simply something different. Nice list. I may try some of the Linux programs. RecordForAll has been good. No advertisements.

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  • With this free version, you can create an unlimited number of MIDI tracks, and two one-minute audio tracks. Organize and experience all your media: Music, photos and video YOUR way -- all from a single software program. This audio editing software is a full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac. Mixxx has everything you need to start making DJ mixes in a tight, integrated package.

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