C4d render farm mac mini

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You will want real-time playback when animating your characters, sculpting on millions of polygons or set-dressing some hundreds of thousands of trees into your environment. Many Cinema 4D features like deformers, generators, and cloners are calculated on the processor using only a single CPU-core. This is where you will want the fastest possible core speed.

Mac vs PC as a Motion Designer: The End of an Era

The Intel i9 k has a 3. The i7 K or i7 K , although slightly lower tier, offer similar speeds but can be bought at a better price point. But with 12 Cores you have much higher multi-core performance. RAM prices have unfortunately increased in the last couple of months but 32GB helps when you have large scenes high polycounts, displacements… and textures, or multiple applications open at the same time. The important part here is how much VRAM you will need to render your scenes and if your render engine can use system memory if the scene is larger than the VRAM.

Highly recommended! You should definitely go with an M. These are blazingly fast. The Asus Prime ZA has this support. Cinema 4D does not heavily rely on Hard Drive performance mainly just for loading and saving scenes , so you could easily save some money here and go with a slightly slower Samsung EVO SSD , which is still very fast. If you are looking for fastest CPU-render-speed the Processor configuration will have to go into a different direction, namely:.

Be sure to check it out and please feel free to send feedback my way! What type of Computer are you building? Feel free to ask for Build Advice in the Comments! My budget is aprox. Hello there cg people. Thank you. If I may ask, what type of work do you do and what software do you commonly use?

As for the components you put together, I would say you made excellent choices! Be advised though that the stock cooler Wraith Prism that comes with the Ryzen 9 is more than capable enough to handle its CPU cooling tasks so you have the option of dropping the be quiet!

Alex, my man. Thanks for the quick reply. One quick question.

A home build vs. retail units

What should I spend more money on when building a PC. I want to be able to do any task regarding 3d applications on my pc. Mostly I use c4d with redshift and other plugins. So something future proof, you know. And what parts of the PC is expected to die so that I can get warranty on those parts.

Thank you Alex. Occasionally the Mainboard. The rest of the components very rarely have to be swapped. Thanks brother. So do you suggest that I get the i over ryzen 9? I was thinking about going with the new one coming out on September 30th this month.

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Any thought on that? You mean the X? That Core CPU will be a beast, that is for sure! What do you mean with i?

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Sorry meant to say the rtx So inguessnitsnworth the wait. Specially with all these ppl selling the for dough le the price:. Hey Alex, thanks for all the advice, and the video on how to build the PC—it was invaluable to this newbie, and I feel pretty good about the physical build.

Do you know of a good video guide that might help me set up my system, maybe including loading on Windows? I will also wish to run Vray DR, hopefully that will not complicate things further. Thanks in advance guys. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Guest Scottishcpt. Posted February 27, Well exactly Jimh, what are Appple thinking?

That makes much more sense going for the You didn't mention that in your original post. Can't do that with a pc. Posted February 28, I thought this was going to be simple enough Really apprceiate your advice Scottishcpt - thanks. Go To Topic Listing. Latest Topics. Started 3 hours ago. Open an Edge?


Mac Mini Render farm - LIGHTING - C4D Cafe

Started 5 hours ago. Objects moving instead of Camera Started 16 hours ago. LW-like "Stats" window? Previous 1 2 Next. Any help much appreciated. Very impressed so far! Tags: None. On Windows there is a Start menu shortcut to start the server, on Mac OS we need to add automatic starting of the V-Ray render server as a daemon.

The current directory in the terminal, before executing this command, should be the V-Ray for MODO installation folder. Greetings, Vladimir Nedev. Comment Post Cancel. Great, that works fine. It seems the V-Ray executable tried to load the libvray. I need to do some tests here, and see why this happens. Seems odd to do all that nice work of making it cross platform and so sweet and then not use it. Hi - is it possible to get a run through of how the vrlserver should be setup?

I've got some spare Macs here, want to test DR properly but the standalone reports "error: Could not obtain a license ".

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